How to Successfully Market Your Event Amid Pandemic

Stop canceling your events because the COVID-19 outbreak will continue for a while. As a marketing professional, you should accept the new challenge and opportunity to do things differently. Start thinking outside the box to engage your customers through marketing events. Here are some unique marketing ideas on how to successfully plan your next event amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

What you need for the right start:

  • the right technology
  • a bit of creativity
  • a shift in your marketing resources
  • a bit of support from events & promotions sages

1. Start with the event production

  • Think audience, and count on us for trade area analysis and demographic analysis. You will also learn insights about the audience’s online behaviors and expectations towards online events.
  • Call on for event production consulting to:
    • Review the classical guest experience map, with an innovative one, adapted to online events as well.
    • Plan for the event staff, and reach out to those that also know how to host and organize dynamic and interactive online events.
    • Reach out to brands, artists, and performers, and get them ready for new ways of interacting with your event’s guests. For instance, event merchandise or food and beverage could be directly delivered to your guests for a more immersive experience.

2. Find the supporters for your event

  • Hire the event’s professionals that know how branded activations and financial/in-kind sponsorships work and how these can be transposed online for virtual events. Using financial or in-kind sponsorships will save up to 90% of the costs of the total support you need from external brands.
  • Our experts can find those brands excited about your event and ready to take on the new challenge.

3. Plan and implement the event promotion, event marketing, and registration

  • Design the event registration. Make it easy, fun, and let it feel you will provide a stellar event experience, even in an online setting.
  • Enhance the registration and the promotion experience through a microsite that’s yours. Ask for help with website design and development, its mobile version, and optimization and SEO.
  • Prepare content marketing, email marketing, and PPC ads or social media campaigns you want.
  • Design and develop the online content of your event’s moments, such as webinar packages, main conferences or panels, or smaller virtual gatherings.
  • Consult with online events’ masters to learn what ideas might work or how you should shift specific moments to engage diverse audiences.

Now that your confidence received a nice boost for your next marketing event, let’s have a conversation and make your ideas happen!