Branded Activations

Let’s work together to get the right brands to come to your next event! We specialize in getting top of the line brands into special and exclusive events.

We can identify in-kind sponsors and negotiate participation levels for the event. Our long term connections across the industry are an important asset in pairing the right people.

We’ll happily take care of creating proposals for brands to activate for events at the desired participation level. If all of that sounds great, let’s start the process!


  • Get quality brands into exclusive, key events
  • Identifying in-kind sponsors
  • Negotiating and leveraging sponsor participation levels
  • Creating proposals for sponsor activation

Financial / In-Kind Sponsorships

Do you want to get your brand exposure at an event? We know all about facilitating in-kind and financial supported sponsorships to make sure every party involved is satisfied.

If you want to bring your product to an event we can make that happen. We’ve had brands provide food or beverage for events to gain exposure.

We don’t just work with food or beverage, we’re open to all who want a spotlight at an event. We can talk specifics about how that may look like when you reach out to us.

Brands that work together save together. We can put you through with the other essentials a memorable event needs.

Event Production Consulting

We understand all of the work that goes into event production which is why we offer consulting across the whole process! Do you need an expert hand to help you deliver a stellar event? Our history in the event industry has forged reliable and trusted connections that can work with you to produce an experience unlike any other.

One of our specializations is venturing into the Spanish speaking market. We’ve done consulting with big names to bring exposure and results to newer audiences. If you’re thinking about going this path, let’s talk!


  • Trade area analysis / demographic analysis
  • Recommend specific zip code marketing strategies to align sales teams and distribution
  • Local, Regional National, International brands
  • Spanish market penetration (Chipster & LatinX)
  • Production strategy
  • Guest experience mapping
  • Marketing liaison
  • Venue scouting
  • Food & Beverage sponsors management
  • Staffing
  • Operations consulting
  • Talent / Artists management

Event Registration & Marketing

Make it easy for your audience to find your event and register by having a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Instead of relying on 3rd party registration sites, enhance the registration experience through a microsite that’s yours. By having an SEO optimized, mobile responsive website for your event you’re on track for the next level of success.

Email and content marketing help get your messaging across while resulting in a surge of views which can lead to conversions. PPC ads offer even more of a push to get larger conversions.


  • Website design & development
  • Better registration through microsites
  • Mobile sites & optimization
  • SEO
  • PPC Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

How it works

We find brands that who are excited about your event and you will save up to 90% of the cost of the sponsorship.